Austex is a leading pharmaceutical company committed to enriching lives worldwide. It was established with the intention to serve mankind through better quality of medicines and healthcare services. Austex roots are widespread. What started as an ideology aims to become a house hold name in the pharmaceutical sector. Singapore is where we started followed by several other metro cities in India. We have a rich pipeline of innovative products in various phases of development which are targeted in various areas. Our business spans across multiple geographies in India. Our effort is to make high quality affordable medication accessible to patients across the world. Through our medicines,


Inspite of being a growing company, Austex have a portfolio of more than 70 branded drugs. We have managed to market our products well and that have created good demand in the market in spite of the severe competition. It is pure quality and the supreme packing that have ensured our brands are well recognized in their respective therapeutic areas in India, according to the current domestic sales. We are working closely with the marketing team to ensure that we make better formulations from

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The vision of our chairman in establishing Austex was to offer the best of healthcare and at a cost which would be easily affordable by the masses. To make our medicines cost effective we would need to better our processes and look to identify better mix of products to ensure that our molecules are effective. We take utmost pride in having one of the best team in research of new horizons in this vast pharma world. We have taken it as a challenge to develop new molecules,partner or collaborate with the leading pharma companies to ensure that we build the best and also help mankind fight better against diseases. Read More


Professional Standards

Austex maintains very high professional standard in whatever we do or anything that we intend to do in the future. Austex is strongly governed by policies which are followed without any exceptions. We make sure that all our products are as per the industry standard or even better than what is available in the market through our extensive research and a daunting resolve to facilitate better healthcare.

Quality Materials

Austex is driven by strong research and we are always on the lookout for building new or better molecules.The raw materials that we use is of the premium quality and of the best density. When it comes to chemicals we make sure that it undergoes good amount of testing before it gets to the customers. The plants where are our medicines are manufactured are GMP and WHO certified.

Years of Experience

Austex runs with the vision of public service and offering better medication for diseases. The management that runs Austex are from varied background with more than 10 years of experience. We at Austex try to perform to the best of our capabilities so that we can offer our customers, stakeholders and society at large better products and returns through our experience.