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It has been an eventful year of realigning and streamlining our focus and energies.

Dynamic business environment and demanding market expectations has become the new norm – globally. While the challenges of the future are many, I see great opportunities for Austex. Throughout my career I have been a go getter with many successes and failures. Globally I have been exposed to several businesses. Austex was born with the reason to serve the society in the most meaningful manner. Healthcare have been the major issue in all the developing nations with medicines being very important part of our society.

There are certain medicines which in spite of being the need are not prescribed because of their prices, Austex looks to bridge down this gap and ensure that necessary medicines are prescribed without hesitation in terms of cost.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is currently the third largest in the world and is one of the most developed industries. Technologically strong and self-reliant, the pharmaceutical industry in India has cost effective manufacturing, innovative scientific manpower, strength of internationally acclaimed laboratories, R&D capabilities and an increasing balance of trade. It is today ranked world class, in terms of, quality and range of medicines manufactured. From simple generic headache pills to sophisticated antibiotics and complex cardiac compounds, almost every type of medicine is now made indigenously. Complementing this, Austex is bound to witness revolutionary changes and improvisation. I see Austex shaping into a pharma giant in the coming years.
In the last four years, we have taken many tough decisions, decisions that may have looked harsh but have a long term positive impact on the business. Austex has reset on this journey by garnering its resources, gathering its manpower energy and a renewed commitment towards “Enhancing Patient Health Outcomes” I have always learned from great leaders and visionaries that the path to success is often laced with thorns and only by walking on this path can one attain success. What comes along is a bitter sweet experience of learning and growing – together.

I hope that the spirit of serving mankind in all weathers, with all the resources that we have would always remain deeply engraved in all the dealings of Austex and its actions.

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