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To become a company that continuously generates innovation for realizing the value we aim to achieve, I am placing priority on science, technology, human capital,corporate culture and I will concentrate resources in these areas.

Science is the source of our value and provides the criteria for evaluating our activities. Technology is our strength and lifeline. And most important of all is our people. By strengthening talent management and diversity and inclusion (D&I) and aggressively investing in human capital, we want to create a corporate culture that fosters innovation.
With deep experience of working with tech giants and learning the value of processes, I set sail on the ship called HOPE with Austex on board. What started as a two men discussing the prospect of healthcare in India, now looks to create ripples in the pharma sector in the coming years.
Austex with strong base of infrastructure and strategic alliances with some of the big names in the manufacturing industry like Akums and Medreich aims to become a household name in the pharma sector fueled by driving double digits’ growth. Every progressive step is made with a desire to excel, keeping our own accomplishments and the market’s advancements as the benchmark. Our vision is to become a leading global pharmaceutical company by providing high quality, affordable and innovative therapeutic solutions for patients with diverse medical needs. To contribute towards improving patient’s quality of life across the globe, by providing effective and accessible medicines.

Our significant achievements in the last few years have helped us expand. This growth and success wouldn’t have been possible without the cooperation and teamwork of all our employees. Austex’s success story would fire the imagination of a generation of Indian entrepreneurs, business leaders and progressive companies. For many, we would like to be an icon, a role model to be emulated.

I aim to carve out a distinct place for Austex in the global pantheon of pharmaceutical giants. I insist on providing quality products to the consumers at an economical price which will revolutionize the Indian pharmaceutical market. Our manufacturing facilities are inspected and audited as per cGMP guidelines as laid down by leading regulatory authorities such as USFDA, MHRA – UK, SAHPRA-South Africa, TGA – Australia, ANVISA – Brazil, WHO – Geneva, TPD – Health Canada, PPB – Kenya, NDA – Uganda, MOH – Sudan, INVIMA – Colombia, TFDA – Tanzania, Zimbabwe, BfArM-Germany & Other Africa, Asian & CIS Countries.

I believe that innovation is more radical and transformational than improvement and therefore, is a critical component in leading the organization towards its goal. Self-induced passion, desire to challenge convention and reinventing the way we do business only takes us one step closer to fulfilling our purpose. Given our growth ambitions within the context of an increasingly complex business and regulatory environment, every day we ensure to value add something in to Austex. We still have our imperfections and under strong leadership, we look to become the perfect company.

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