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Marketing Representative

Expired on: Jun 30, 2021

We are searching for a connected pharmaceutical sales representative to augment our team of expert staff. The pharmaceutical sales representative will be required to forge relationships with current and prospective clients, using these connections as opportunities to drive sales and promote well-being. You should also perform ongoing competitor analyses to ensure that we remain a leading provider in the field.

To be successful as a pharmaceutical sales representative, you should be attuned to prevailing health concerns and the ways in which our products negate or ameliorate these. Ultimately, a successful pharmaceutical sales representative will demonstrate an interest in wellness that transcends preoccupations with material wealth.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Responsibilities:

  • Studying each of our drugs to ensure expert knowledge thereof.
  • Communicating with extant and budding clients to maintain these working relationships.
  • Informing clients about the dosage, benefits, side effects, and contraindications attached to each drug.
  • Selling items to medical professionals, hospitals, and pharmacies based on their needs.
  • Walking clients through the results of our clinical trials to further encourage sales.
  • Delivering samples to entities who are serious about purchasing our drugs.
  • Creating promotional materials such as banners and informative cards for dissemination by clients.
  • Analyzing competitors’ performance to safeguard and further promote our position in the market.
  • Conducting regular self-evaluations to ensure that you always meet sales targets.
  • Attending training workshops and congresses to remain up-to-date with standards and developments in the industry.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Requirements:

  • Previous experience in chronic division would be an added advantage. 
  • Degree in pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy, microbiology, or an adjacent field is preferred.
  • Formal training in marketing, sales, or equivalent.
  • Prior experience as a pharmaceutical sales representative or similar.
  • Proven record of leading sales campaigns and facilitating profitability.
  • Expert knowledge of prevailing health issues and fads.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication.
  • Goal-oriented, committed, and relentless approach to work.
  • Interested in understanding and sharing medical innovations.
Job Category: Marketing Representative
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Madhepura(Bihar)
Sorry! This job has expired.
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